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mercoledì 26 luglio 2017

Newchic 3rd anniversary Happy Birthday to Newchic


Thank you, NC fans! What NC has achieved is all because of you! 

To celebrate its birthday and thank our fans for your support all along the way, the PK game starts! 

Come to vote and win the 15% coupon. Things you need to do is very simple, just read the following easy rules. Not only 15% coupon, you can also enjoy the super low price for the winner products on August 8th!


1.You need to log in first to start the game.

2.Choose a product you prefer and click the VOTE button.

3.A coupon will be awarded after your vote.

4.You can only vote one of them at a time.

5.The most popular products of voting will be snap-up at $8.8 in limited quantities on August 8th.

6.Game time: July 3rd 14:00pm-July 31st 14:00pm (GMT+8)

7.Newchic reserves all the rights.

See our winner in last round and the candidates of next round: 

Not only the PK game, NC flash deals zone of lower price has come, up to 60% discount!  Not to mention the super surprising seckill! What are you waiting for? Just go!

Good Luck!

Note di stile moda and make up

10 commenti:

  1. Che bella iniziativa! :)

  2. Interessante, tentiamo la fortuna! :)

  3. anche se sono sfortunata per natura, io ci provo, incrociando le dita!
    mi piace il tuo blog se ti va passa anche da me, mi sono iscritta con piacere :)

  4. good post! :)


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